Episode 100: New Level

Comic, Episode 100


Art by : ELEMENTJ21

Written by : VIRUZXP



So here it is, officially our 100th episode. Indeed it has been that long since we began this project about nearly 3 years ago. This webcomic has gone through various evolutions, and will continue to evolve as time goes by. Personally for me, this webcomic and everything it stands for, represent me and my buddy’s life, everything we love doing, our interests, aspirations in life, and our basically our friendship. This webcomic bore witness to the ups and downs of our lives, the times when we faltered, and felt like giving in. But it is also a witness to many good things that came by in the last 2 or 3 years. I would say that towards the end, I still have to give credit to VIRUZXP for bringing up this idea to me back in late 2011. Even though I’m the one who gives life to each episode from the scripts he sends me, if it wasn’t for him who initiated the idea, that image above would not have existed today, and that includes all of the previous episodes we’ve done in the past. This project is merely a testament that we can make things happen if we put our passion towards a common goal.



w00tz! After 3 long years, here’s Episode 100! When we started this comic, it was a just for fun project (it still is) where we make fun of things around the world ESPECIALLY games, our own religion (pfft! Christianity! pfft! Jesus pfft! pfft! pfft!) and more. Throughout the years, it has grew to something more. This comic has also made me realized a few things.

- That I am able to surprise myself. Which is… surprising… if you really know me in person. XD!

- Haters or no haters, if I like doing what I do, I should just do it. Cos haters gonna hate, bitches gonna bitch and most of the time haters = bitches.

- I do like to write a book… one day.

- Friends… yeap… friends… new and old. The ones who support what you do.

- And finally, I wanna write/make comic for a living… and play games… and make games… and some other stuffs I wanna do! lolXD!

Enjoy this episode and here’s to another hundred! Have a good day folks!