Episode 114: Parties

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COI EP113 Galaxy NOT 7

Art by : ELEMENTJ21

Written by : VIRUZXP



Are you a party person during the weekends? I used to be one before I gave up that life, because I prefer to spend my time alone watching movies, reading books, playing games, and being with my doggies. Plus I save money too!


There has been a sudden surge of introverts lately thanks to sites like 9gag and Tumblr. Makes me wonder if these people are really introverts or just some wannabes. Plus you know all that posts about introverts and all, it’s kinda annoying to be honest. A real introvert will keep that to him/her self instead of spreading those messages out like an extrovert.

Introverts? Extroverts?

Hoomins are dumb!

Be like Doge!